IEEE Distinguished Lecturer,
Samuel Conner
gives a talk
Tuesday April 23rd 2013.

Room C1:04 start 16:00

Differential Signaling Is the Opiate of the Masses
A large concern with the proliferation of differential signalling is the false sense of security that comes along with its usage. Differential signals are hailed for their immunity to noise coupling and for their propagation characteristics. Differential receivers have great common mode rejection, and with equalization, receivers can pull meaningful signals out of a closed eye diagram. But with all of these benefits, the often forgotten drawback is that differential signals on PCBs are not truly differential and they do not perfectly cancel. The various asymmetries in the routing of the differential pair and the impedance discontinuities of vias and connectors and the imbalance and skew of the drivers all create a common mode signal on the differential pair that can cause serious EMC problems when coupled to other nets or radiated from cables and connectors.

This talk is sponsored by:
IEEE BeNeLux emc chapter,
Hogeschool van Amsterdam E-technology
Dutch EMC-ESD Society.

Travel advise: The Hogeschool van Amsterdam is located near Amstel Train station, parking space is limited in the neighbourhood and the parking facilities are only available on request in advance. So use public transport!

Location: HvA Leeuwenburg Weesperzijde 190 1097 DZ Amsterdam. Parking facilities only on request in advance Amstelplein 5 behind Rembrandt tower.

Lecture will be held in room C1:04 (first floor C wing)  Building Leeuwenburg.

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